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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  June 30, 2016 3:20am-4:01am PDT

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to invest in programs that really have the best bank for the buck in terms of improving the transportation system specific recommendation regarding revenues to pursue locally to meet the needs and recognizing we can't meet all the needs but continue to get the federal and state dollars to compliment the investments locally so with regard to the first recommendation while the folks on the task force understood as we do today a lot of growth into the city i think what the education that was provided the dictated that was provided pointed to say that the state of current infrastructure that is maintained and responsible for the underlying current system on the streets and muni and others providers that has a pretty significant deficit in terms of
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itself in the state of good repair so we can continue to move today's riders and today's traffic so the task force recommended really focusing on this core of transportation system and enhancements to it with any new revenue we generated and at the bottom permitted generating close to $33 million with the revenue focused on the core and enhancements that gets the core transportation system and the enhancements that we identified between 2/3rd's eyes 3 are krortsdz with $3 billion and would start chipping away at what we need to do for the future of the transportations system but leaving that quite a bit further on funding so what the task force identified was $10 billion worth of needs over the 15 years
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period what under $44 billion to meet that need leaving the gap of $6 billion the task force recommended $3 billion with the balance to be compromised with regional and federal revenues place of entertainment specifically they recommended $500 million go bond that is substantially the following year brought to the ballot in november of 2014 you mean was proved we the voter and end up not recommended by the task force but came along a adjustment to the way the bottom line is a calculated to account for population growth that was established to be retroactive for the population growth over the 10 years or so that brought in between 25 and $30 million annually as well so those funds prop a and prop b
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from 2014 are what we invest if and are possible because of those funds what the task force recommended were 3 additional revenues measures and additional half cents sales tax for transportation a restoration of the fee that was less thaned during the schwarzenegger and the sgrond in 2020. >> the voters made the changes to the set aside and last year late last year the mta board and the board of supervisors approved the transportation sustainability fee that brought residential development and essentially go
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significantly increased the amount of revenue dedicated to transportation infrastructure that capitalized from new development that is happening and increased by more than 60 percent over the old transit development fee that was itch more narrowly focused so with those additional funds this is a lot more we've been to chip away at the deficit that the task force identified the prop a the goading go bond was organized and focusing on the reliability of street safety the blue on the chart shows the first issuance of the bonds that was done last year and from that some of the projects that i've talked about today that you've approved over
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the last year and including some have gone into the ground are market-rate on the streets in terms of physical improvements on the streets to reduce the relays and increase muni and more buses we're enjoying and the funding for caltrain improvements additional benefits that have been national guard are launching the transit routes and frequency on 34 and allowing the next year's budget to continue the free muni programs as well as implementation of the muni depict strategies as you recall the recommendations of new equity strategy that seeks to address inqualities in transit service to protecting neighborhood were compromised in our budget in part because of
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the additional funds from the funding sources and then the other side of the transit investment the investment in safe streets much of what you've talked about earlier is enabled by the revenue sources including some of the things that are in the ground like bike spot improvements safety improvements and schools and a lot of what we call a quick stave save and quick manufactured around town the obstacles and other changes part of that 13 mental illness a year vision zero much of it will be funded by the measures those dollars the voters approved and the board of supervisors are going to the ground to make 9 transportation more reliable as you may know we completed the first 24 projects in 24 years
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i've mentioned the 57 in process and the 13 miles enabled by the revenues that or i think successful at the ballot because of the task force that was thoughtful and analytic progress that helped to identify the needs we'll continue that work with the bond dollars we have we'll be investing in some of the enhancing some of the muni those are focus on the highest ridership and continuing to insult new and updated traffic signals with the audible and pedestrian count down that is part of the vision zero efforts prop b which is the agenugmentan
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will offer haul the buses and bond fund can't be used on vehicles this prop b is helpful in getting more update in existing vehicles and standing the paratransit fleet in the capital budget and rehabilitating escalators so that was the second recommendation that was the new revenues in terms of third one there have been indigents we had mtc participating in the task force and the commitment we got from mtc was basically that san francisco voters are willing to step forward and go into their pockets for the transportation the region will try to match a portion of that investment to a right around the time when the task force recommendations caught the mtc developed a
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fraction for state cap & trade fund before that program had developed but identified san francisco and muni in particular as a potential recipient once the program calmed we applied for with the region and secured $41 million towards our light rail vehicles and new light rail vehicles and recently applied for another $56 million so seeking close to $2 million for state cap & trade with the support of san francisco voters that step forward and showed we're billing e willing to do our part cap & trade is shaky in recent months, we're still confident that the investment we're making will help us leverage the dollars with the states cap & trade dollars we've been supporting efforts by bart
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you know 3. 5 go bond we've worked with them and as well as the federal transit administration capacity grant application by caltrain as part of funding to fund caltrain electrification the city is a contributor the fast act the federal bill was approved since the task force met and stabilized it over a long-term we're continuing to support the regional and state and federal efforts because we won't be able to do this within san francisco even with a bold plan and the measures so finally that brings us to 2016 and there are two measures that have been introduced that would help follow the recommendations of the transportation task force
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one is a twaerdz cent sales tax that raise one and $50 million of general fund revenues for the city the second a charter amendment introduced that would allocate new general fund revenues to areas one hundred million dollars of transportation and $50 million to homeless services as introduced the transportation dollars would be allocated as shown on the slide and fund the paving program as well as muni and safety and regional transit efforts so much of this was informed by the work of task force some of this is changing as negotiations tennessee various parties and stakeholders but it was i'd like a good consensus within the mayor's office and say difference groups
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of board of supervisors and other stakeholders to get to what was introduced has been continued go discussions between various parties to tweak the proposal this charter mainstream will be and rules committee this thursday the 34ur had been at the budget and finance and come together at the full board as xhaepd the budget and other things for the november ballot this was coming there's a lot of things out of the task force process i thought that is a good time to give you an update i believe the transportation authority is getting an update on this day and going through the board of supervisors process that's the end of that presentation i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i do want to acknowledge if i get one more moment we - yeah
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start of timer now joined at the agency by carolyn we brought over from the metropolitan transportation brought up the work on the long term transportation planning and newcomers things we were doing at the agency over the last year or so and was really the agencies lead and lead point of contact working with the mayor's office and the supervise offices and the transportation authority and planning department, public works and others to get to this point and really her good work get us to the consensus and got us close today to seeing this recommendation from the task force make it to the ballot she recently informed us she's returning to the east bay to work closer to home and working on transportation issues we're
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sorry to see her go but thanks her for the interpretation work in a short-term a tremendous amount of work and the establishing herself as a knowledgeable sf team she's here i don't know if she wants it say anything but personally thank her for her efforts now i left my heart in san francisco >> thank you for your report opens the very last page the transportation - >> there's a number of things that could fall into that bucket muni forward so some of the physical changes on the center that are enhancing muni services falls into the option obstruct and things that bart are doing to enhance their system can fall
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into that bucket the regional budget is to fund the bart that the counties share on bart's new railcars but used so for other regional efforts like the caltrain and ferries by the way, the option - to explore the other funds. >> how in terms of muni forward what did that mean what did it look like. >> so the - because that pot is potentially uses by multiple provides like with others transportation authority governing funds at the beginning of the fiscal year they would create the programs say there
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are $10 million available this year for within the transit expansion or optimization - for that process to knot with other needs with the transportation commission transportation transportation authority commission and their funding so administer to prop k. >> i was having a hard time like the van ness corridor brt is that specific that opens the door to talk about the changes we've done on that. >> well the van ness projects that have been approved like the van ness project that have their viral clearance are approves people can talk about them but the decisions with made the
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designs are final and bringing two construction contracts many of our projects that are approved at that board have funding that 0 flows that the transportation authority so wounded change anything they can ask questions about the project their funding but generally working with the board office as projects are brought here i don't see any fundamental change there instead of the money coming directly to us they'll be a grant process we'll assess those funds. >> the mission project we talked about this morning. >> again i don't think that will fundamentally change we sometimes have prop k funding with some of the projects but, yeah it is more a process if the monies are coming directly to you whether or not we're using prop k or ftes funds but go
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through the partners and that would joy category of funds be would be going through that funding partner process as well. >> funding process thank you very much directors. >> thank you, tom got to the question i had as well as the administration of the funds i think i see that we know that worked with prop k and the sales funds and it is similar to that; correct? it will be a similar - >> a similar handing of the money in the awarding of the people money. >> we're continuing to work with the transportation authority to make those processes important fetish so maybe opportunities here in that they don't have this charter amendment and not the
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opportunities to streamline we'll continue to work in partnering with the transportation authority to make sure that process is not standing in the way of our delivering improvements to people on the streets. >> thank you, no it looks fabulous i appreciate the update we've been getting questions it that will be on the november ballot so this helps answer that question thank you. >> members of the board. >> ms. bloomer. >> none has turned in a speaker card and none moving forward. >> thank you director reiskin and appreciate that. >> all right. directors item 13 vote to invoke the attorney/client privilege. >> a motion. >> yes. a motion. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. we'll go into closed session. >> session.
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>> all right. mr. chairman item 14 closed session the mta meet to talk about this and the boards approved the case and no action on the other two cases item 15 for a motion disclose or not disclose the information discussed in closed session. >> motion to notice disclose. >> second and. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. we're adjourned in memory of carla johnson. >> thank you. >> thank you mr. chairman
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